We interviewed a restaurant “TAKARAYA” which is a Wa-shoku restaurant in Kisarazu(Chiba).

–Halal corresponding reason

We started studying Halal prior to our promotion in Malaysia.

–Halal corresponding appeal point

To make our food Muslim friendly, we use all Halal ingredients including meats and seasonings. Mayonnaise, sukiyaki sauce, ponzu sauce are made from scratch at our restaurant. That makes it possible for us to provide authentic Japanese food in a Muslim friendly style.

–Challenging and Future Prospects

We as Takaraya are very pleased with the positive feedback from customers that they are enjoying it very much. Toward the Olympics of 2020, we would like to polish the quality of our Muslim friendly style even more.

*By appointment only
2-3-4, Chuo, Kisarazu-city, Chiba
Tel: +81-438-22-3765, FAX: +81-438-22-6905
Close: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday

Official Website(Japanese Only)
TAKARAYA @JAPAL TRIP(English Information)