work in Japan
work in Japan

Would you like to work in Japan?
We are going to give the information of workplace, internship and part-time job considering Muslims.

First of all, we are supporting recruitment of Japanese companies in an educational company as following website. (
Recently, global society is coming and changing the world, hence it is necessary for Japanese companies to hire foreign students as helpful and adaptable human resources, however it is unfortunately hard for Muslims to work here because of a lack of our understanding such as food, a space of prayer, Friday’s meeting, drinking alcohol in terms of the rule of Muslims. We want to change those kinds of working condition and then make Japanese people and companies understand correctly your life style and religion. Hence please populate the following form with your information and join facebook group.
Questionnaires in Terms of Working in Japan for Muslims
And facebook group is below.
Work information for Muslim in JAPAN

We’d like to know what and where you are studying and what kind of job you want to do. From the information you write, we will extend the knowledge and rule of Halal to Japanese companies through seminar and event in order to increase companies that can consider Halal.

Of course after you register here, we post information about the companies that already have a consideration of Halal and internship and part-time job matching your majors and skills.

All Muslim students are fine to register this form. (Even freshmen, sophomores, doctoral candidates, students of technical school are surely okay) We support your job hunting in Japan and change the way Japanese corporations. Our best hope is that you Muslims work better condition and place in Japan. Thank you for your cooperation and please let us know if you have any questions.