Beginning from January 13, 2015, Hotel Nikko Nara has started a service such as providing of prayer space/menu without pork or alcoholic beverages/free rental of various equipment/etc. to further strengthen the convenience of Muslim customers.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Kansai area have increased thanks to the weaker yen (starting from last year) and the effect of USJ. Because of such trend, the number of foreign tourists staying at Hotel Nikko Nara have also increased by 190% when compared to the previous year. (Data based on January to December of 2014) Among such tourists, since we are experiencing a significant increase in the number of tourists coming from Islamic countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, we have decided to offer this service.

1. Prayer space

  • Providing of qibla seal in each bedroom(Provided in all 326 rooms except for 4 concept rooms)
  • Free rental of worship mattress, worship hat for men, worship clothing for women, qibla compass, tasbeeh.
  • Distribution of worship hour information sheet.

*Worship outside of guest room is available through separate request.

2. Meal

  • 3F Restaurant Serena:Identification mark is being displayed for buffet menu that uses “pork” and “alcohol”.
  • 3F Japanese restaurant “Yoshino”: Non-pork, non-alcohol menu are being provided.

*Do not provide strict halal menu.

<Menu content>
“KOKORO” 3,650 yen(tax and service charge included)
Dashimaki tamago(egg brand “yodoran” is being used) / salt flavor grilled sea bream / friend chicken (halal corresponding chicken is being used) / Agedashi tofu ginger ankake / fresh vegetable salad / rice / somen noodle called “nyumen”(”miwa somen” is being used) / seasonal fruits

<Contact information>
+81-(0)742-35-8831 (Accommodation reservation)

Hotel Nikko Nara

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