halal bread              Many foreigners consider Japan’s bread to be the most delicious in the world. European tourists in particular rave about its moist, sticky texture. Hard French bread is also crunchy and delicious, but Japan is home to a richer variety of breads than Europe. Bread is considered a “living thing” and its taste can seemingly change according to temperature, humidity, weather, and how it is made. So it only makes sense that bread made by the Japanese with acute sensitivity to the seasons would be delicious.


              Halal-certified bread has recently made an appearance in Japan. Although there are several Halal-certified bread makers in Japan, “AKOBELL” has been making Halal bread since prior to obtaining certification. This is said to have been the idea of junior staff members and “AKOBELL” has since obtained official certification. “AKOBELL” will begin to sell Halal-certified bread in stores this spring.


              AKOBELL bread is created by baking additive-free natural yeast at a low temperature over a long period of 53 hours. In other words, it is valuable bread that cannot be mass-produced. The irregular size and shape of the bread is evidence that it is handmade. Favorites such as loaves of bread, butter rolls, and croissants are shipped out from the Halal-certified bakery.


              When they go on sale, you can purchase them from the AKOBELL store easily accessible from the city center. Take the Chuo line from JR Tokyo Station 18 stations (approx. 40 min) to JR Kichijoji Station. The east exit ticket gate is directly connected to the east wing of the Atre commercial building, so you can quickly access AKOBELL on the first floor of the main building. Shinjuku Station is also located along the Chuo line; from there it takes 8 stations and approx. 20 minutes to reach the store.


              If you want to check if there is Halal bread in advance, why don’t you try calling and ask “Halal no pan Arimasu ka?” – Do you have Halal bread? If they cannot understand your Japanese, even when speaking slowly, you should be able to get your point across in English. Kichijoji is the most charming city in which people would like to live, so I definitely recommend taking a walk through its streets. If you happen to be there in spring when Halal bread will go on sale, it’s even more reason to make a visit.


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