## Daily DIY Halal Breakfast Part 3
Written by FARID PUTRA (www.faridputra.com)
Before this, I have explained the daily do-it-yourself series to prepare morning meal carefully with the perspective of halal style including a sweet type of meals and a regular type of light meals. This article would be the last of the series, which will bring you the drink type of breakfast.
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Drink type of breakfast

Keep in mind that it is important to us to not skipping the breakfast because of its essentials of boosting the performance of our body and mind. Whether it is in the form of ‘food’ kind of meal or just some liquid healthy drinks such as morning tea, coffee, or smoothies. I have a simple trick to create a happy feeling while preparing the drink before you start doing daily activity either commute to work, or going to university to study, or doing your business and other stuff. After you awake, make your bed, and dress up your style, do not forget to concentrate on your deep breath once or twice then give it a shot to play some background music (BGM). You can use a smartphone, tablet devices or computer which will output to some speaker and give the aura of the music you like. The BGM such as classical, country folk, jazzy instrumental, and even popular or rock song of your favorite will motivate whatever preparation before you going out.

Back to drink for breakfast, if you are more a ‘tea’ person there is a chance you are the one who likes a black type of tea such as English breakfast which is consist of Assam, Ceylon, and some African or Chinese tea. Or maybe you like some earl grey tea which contains bergamot oil and gives the sensation of a great peaceful morning with fabulous aromatic flavor. Then some of you may like a green type of tea, which a bunch of high-quality Japanese tea you could find in Japan. Most of them, of course, halal because it is not like that average tea contains alcohol, pork derived gelatin or the other haram ingredients. My suggestion to super-charge your black tea is to add plain milk and one or two tablespoons of a hundred percent raw honey. With this strategy, you can side-kick the energy boost from honey, and then calcium, minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, B6, B12, thiamin, and riboflavin from the milk. For the green tea, better mix it with grass-fed butter to be healthier in the style of Titanium Tea you could find online.

Next, let’s talk about the coffee. A lot of people love coffee, whatever the country they come from. The first timer usually struggles with the taste of bitterness of the black coffee whether it is hot or cold. But as the time goes by, we tend to be wise enough to appreciate the flavor of that kind of bitterness whether it is the taste of roasted beans with some kind of unsweetened vanilla flavor, dark mocha, or just the uniqueness of different taste of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans variation around the world. I evolved to be the person which eventually love the pure coffee like that. From being a person who only likes sugary cafe latte, then switch to unsweetened Caffè Misto from Starbucks, finally now I grind the coffee bean myself to create brewed coffee without sugar.
coffee maker

And one tip for you who want to upgrade your coffee-drinking lifestyle, better to add one or two tablespoons of grass-fed butter preferably from Anchor brand from a halal perspective, and then add brain octane oil. If it is hard to get just go with extra virgin coconut oil or without it also ok. Blend it with a decent blender such as Braun hand blender then you will get a halal style ‘Bulletproof Coffee’, which is the great source of the energy, antioxidant, and power-up your brain function.
coffee filter

So I am going to wrap this series up. After the food or drink of your halal DIY breakfast, hopefully, your body and mind become fully loaded in a great state of performance. Now let’s tackle the day!