Daily DIY Halal Breakfast Part 1

Written by FARID PUTRA (www.faridputra.com)

Everyday Quick and Easy Sweet Type of Breakfast Meal Preparation

Wake up in the morning, and sometimes your stomach gives you a good sign of “I-am-a-hungry man” feeling. You feel the urge to eat something to backup your energy for the day. What would you do exactly when this happens? Are you the type of person who is skipping meals in the morning, or you are a person who carefully prepares each breakfast of your daily life as the routine? If you mostly skipped the breakfast, you might try switching to breakfast-type of a person as it will increase your mood and energy to tackle the day and of course improving health.

To make your life easier, especially from the halal foods, halal drinks point of view, I will give you the tips and tricks of preparing your own morning meal with the halal style. There are 3 different genres. Sweet type of meals, regular type of light meals, or just drink type of a breakfast. I will explain all of that one by one.

Sweet type of meals

If you like a sugary type of foods, and you only have a little time to prepare, just stock your fridge with several packs of yogurt, and also stock a hundred percent pure honey on your dining table. Regarding the selection, you might want to be more careful to choose a yogurt. Most of the plain yogurt without any additional ingredients are finestory tell is halal but with no signature on it. However, watch it for some kind of suspicious ingredients such as gelatin, margarine, etc. The combination of yogurt, honey, and fruits such as banana and variety of berries will satisfy your desire in the morning.
Honey is good for you because not only it will boost your energy, but it is also considered one of the natural antibiotics you could find in a raw ingredient. So if you are a little bit got sick such as cold, it will definitely make you feel better. Besides the yogurt and honey with a fruit mix, another menu which is simple enough to make is the pancake. Yes, the pancake or people in Japan usually mention it as ‘Hotcake’. If you are worried or not 100 percent sure about the pancake mix which is selling at your local supermarket, just simply mix some flour, baking soda, a little bit sugar to create the mix. Then pour the milk, eggs, and melted butter plus honey into the bowl and mix it again. And then scoop it on to frying pan and flip it until it is done. I usually make a double, triple, or quadruple tower of pancake on the weekend looks like on the photo. And if you are like me, you can fry the pancake batter while on the frying pan but not until it is fully cooked, it will give you a melt sensation if you finish the pancake flip approximately after 70 percent cooked with the pan. Finally, give it some love of chocolate or condensed milk for your serving, depends on what is your favorite.
That is all for this part one, and on the next part, I will discuss the regular type of light meals for breakfast.