Halal Imo-mochi
Halal Imo-mochi

FOOD CENTER ITAKURA is a supermarket located in Toyota city, Aichi prefecture.
The supermarket provides halal food section with items such as halal corresponding side dishes, etc. since there are many people living nearby who are employees at Toyota Motors who are also Muslims. The breads at this supermarket are also home-made.
Although the supermarket is not halal certified, the supermarket has a solid halal corresponding structure with availability of Muslim staffs and a practice of engaging in a thorough communication with the customers. The supermarket also makes sure that its kitchen and cookware are separated, along with making sure to use halal corresponding ingredients.
The staff told us that their deep-fried foods are especially popular among Muslim customers and that some of them buy the fried foods in bulk.
The Toyota city is also chosen to host the 2019 rugby world cup!
It is safe to say that the accepting system for halal is almost complete in this region.

12-6-18, Oobayashicho, Toyota-city, Aichi
TEL +81-(0)565-28-4863
Every Wed clesed