Do you have any struggles with meals when you go on a trip to Japan? “Halal Bento Tokyo” will resolve that problems.

Halal Bento Tokyo can deliver tasty&hot Halal bento boxes to the hotel you will stay.

1.”Make your travel plans in Japan”
Let’s plan your trip schedule in Japan at first. Go to Okinawa for beautiful sea? How about Kyoto for Japanese traditional culture? Anywhere will be OK! You don’t have to worry about meals. We will deliver tasty “WASHOKU” bento boxes that meets the strict standards of halal certificate only, Muslims can enjoy our food without any concern.

2.”Request the hotel you’ll be staying to receive Halal bento boxes”
If you make your plans, please ask for the hotel to receive and keep bento boxes in advance. Almost all the hotels will accept happily.

3.”Order bento boxes up to 3 days prior to the function date”
Let’s order bento boxes at In this case, please select “chilled shipping” and make your payment by credit card.(VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners)
Orders are accepted by 3 days prior to the function date.

4. “Receive bento boxes at the front desk or the room”
When you get to the hotel, receive the bento boxes and store it in the room refrigerator and it will keep for a week.

5.”Enjoy and taste Japanese traditional cuisine”
You can eat them anytime, anywhere. All of bento boxes are equipped with a heating function (no alcohol use). Just pull the string attached to bento box and you can enjoy warm bento anytime anywhere.

Please experience wonderful Japanese food culture. All of the people will start to love Japan more. Discover and enjoy Japan to the full with Halal bento box.

What is Halal Bento Tokyo??
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