This article will introduce the Halal kitchen of Kappou Yama, the restaurant that held the Halal Oden Party introduced in the previous article.
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Kappou Yama has an Halal kitchen to create delicious Halal meals that Muslims can enjoy with peace of mind. The Halal kitchen is completely separated from the kitchen in which non-Halal food is made, and all the equipment needed for cooking, from the refrigerators and cookware such as ovens and frying pans to tableware, was newly made when the Halal kitchen was created. All fixtures have acquired Halal certification from Malaysia Halal Corporation and have the Halal mark.

Halal Certified Kitchen
Halal Certified Kitchen

In Japan, tableware and cookware are normally washed with detergent containing alcohol. However, the tableware and cookware in the Halal kitchen of Kappou Yama are washed with sterilized water. In addition, Pork and alcohol are prohibited, of course, and non-Halal beef and chicken are also not allowed into the Halal kitchen; Halal rules are thoroughly observed.

These are the efforts Kappou Yama is making to allow Muslims to enjoy Halal Japanese food with peace of mind. The Halal Oden Party, during which participants were served delicious Japanese food such as oden, observed Halal rules and was a great success.

There are still few restaurants in Japan that thoroughly observe Halal rules and do not allow alcohol on the premises, etc., however it looks like the number of restaurants like Kappou Yama will gradually increase in the future. Efforts to allow Muslims to enjoy meals anywhere with peace of mind are being enhanced.