Sushi Nigiri experience
Sushi Nigiri experience

In this column I will introduce a meal and Japanese culture experience for tourists visiting Japan.

Ganko Ginza-1-chome holds a hands-on dinner party called the “sushi nigiri experience” where you can make your own hand-rolled sushi to eat.

At the sushi nigiri experience you will:
(1) Learn about the history and culture of sushi
(2) Watch a demonstration of how sea bream is filleted
(3) Practice hand-rolling sushi
(4) Enjoy a meal where you can eat and compare your own hand-rolled sushi to the sushi prepared by the chef
(5) Graduate

You will experience a wide range of emotions – the serious challenge and delight of preparing the sushi, the pained expression when comparing the sushi, and the excitement of receiving your diploma at the end of the experience.

The “sushi nigiri experience” is priced as follows. Please contact Ganko Food for more details.

2-8 persons: 5,000 yen per person, 9 or more persons: 3,500 yen per person

※Halal soy cause is also available, please enquire to Ganko Food