Specialized SIT(Special Interest Tour)for FIT(Foreign Independent Tourists)! Launched along with a providing site of an interpreter guided tour OMAKASE” Open on Wednesday, November 4, with the first Manga tour in Japan or Muslim tour along complete HALAL!

URL http://omakase-tour.com/

Trip Designer (Representative: Takeshi Sakamoto; Arakawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch along with a providing site of an interpreter guided tour OMAKASE”(URL:http://omakase-tour.com/)for FIT(Foreign Independent Tourist)on Wednesday, November 4, 2015.“OMAKASE” is a service for more interests of foreign tourists to Japan with an interpreter guided tour, who is acquainted with 6 categories; traditional culture, manga, animal, beauty & health,transit, or Muslim, and also with activities. The interpreter guide is based on English but if you need,other languages (French, Chinese, Thai, Malay) are available.

Support the needs of diverse foreign tourists
The number of foreign tourists to Japan is increasing more and more, it is predicted to reach more than 19 million in 2015, and the needs for foreign tours have been diversified. Especially, foreign independent tourists to Japan who cannot be satisfied with group tour travelling around famous sightseeing spots tend to want to do SIT(SIT:Special Interest Tour)which is a tour to visit Japan with a special interest, so that “OMAKASE” offers a variety of tours & ctivities for such requests of an inbound movement market.
Regional activations by the corporation with local interpreter guides
The interpreter guides in each tour are organized into the staffs that are from the relevant areas such as their birth area or familiar area. Trip designer will corporate with such interpreter guides in each area, inform the tourist attractions which are unknown yet as tours or activities, invite the foreign tourists to Japan who want to visit new sightseeing spots to the relevant areas, and then aim at the regional activations.

【Example Tour】※extract
①‘One day Muslim-friendly Tour’
This tour offers you a fine meal at Malaysia Halal certified restaurant, to visit the biggest Mosque in Japan for Salat, and so on. Muslim, who visit Japan at the first time, can enjoy at ease in Tokyo. A professional interpreter guide, who has much experienced about Muslim, guides to the popular
sightseeing spots such as Asakusa Shibuya, Harajuku, and so on.
Route:Senso-ji Temple → Shibuya Crossing → Meiji jingo Shrine → Takeshita Street →Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center


②‘Manga Tour’
This is a tour for Manga fans in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. You can feel GHIBLI World in ‘GHIBLI MUSEUM,’and you’re unable to get in your home country but you’re able to enjoy shopping rare Manga or animation goods in‘NAKANO BBRAODWAY.’
Route:Ghibli Museum → Nakano Broadway

③‘Jigokudani Nature Tour’
This is a walking tour to watch nature around Jigokudani Yaen-koen in Nagano prefecture which is famous for monkeys which are soaking in the hot spring. You can enjoy wild Japanese monkeys which are unequaled anywhere in the world. You can observe the activities of wild Japanese monkeys without fences and the rich nature itself of the animals, plants, insects, and so on around the promenade.

【Trip Designer】
Place: 2-12-3 Minami-senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Establishment :May, 2015
Representative: Takeshi Sakamoto
Content:Media business for foreigners to Japan

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Trip Designer:Sakamoto