Since the beginning of this year, a new Made in Japan Halal product has been born almost every week. According to reports, there are already over 100 Made in Japan Halal products and we can expect over 200 at some point later this year. Japanese companies have also begun to make serious efforts concerning Halal in order to meet foreign expectations.


       The domestic sale of Made in Japan Halal products has begun, while other Made in Japan Halal products are beginning to be exported overseas. The Halal store introduced in today’s column is the top Japanese EC website that delivers an assortment of Made in Japan Halal products to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Dubai.


       The website sells a total of 320 non-pork and non-alcoholic Made in Japan products, however these products have not yet obtained Halal certification (as this is still quite difficult to do in Japan). It is extremely easy to make a purchase – just register, then add items to your shopping cart. You can access the Halal Store from HMJ, so check it out!