Have Halal Meal and Do Pray at Ease While Visiting Mount Fuji!

Mount Fuji has been an attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists, as well as Muslim travelers, with its magnificent beauty. It will not complete if you don’t visit Mount Fuji on your visit to Japan.

Mount Fuji

However, Muslim travelers may get trouble in finding where to have halal meal as well as place to pray.
But don’t worry, in Lava Café located inside Fujisan World Heritage Center, you can have both!

Fujisan World Heritage Center

Fujisan World Heritage Center is located in Yamanashi Prefecture, providing abundance of information about Mount Fuji.

This center consists of two halls ; north hall for exhibition facility mainly on “nature”, and south hall for exhibition facility mainly on “culture”.

More about north hall here.

More about south hall here.

In the south hall, there is a Mount Fuji object that allows you to enjoy Mount Fuji in 360 degree view and how it changes season to season!

Welcome to Fujisan LAVA CAFÉ

Fujisan Lava Café is a cozy café located in the 2F of Fujisan World Heritage Center in Yamanashi Prefecture.

In that cozy and relaxing place, you can enjoy halal meal as well as afternoon tea, accompanied by the beautiful landscape from large glass window.

Halal Curry Rice!

In Fujisan Lava Café, you can enjoy animal and alcohol-free curry!
The curry is using soybean meat instead of minced meat and mixed with 7 types of vegetables.
Enjoy the sweetness of tomato in this curry!
As it is animal and alcohol-free, this curry is not only halal, but also vegetarian friendly!

Comfortable Pray Space

Before or after halal curry rice at Fujisan Lava Café, you can do pray at prayer space provided inside the building!

The prayer room is quite spacious that is able to accommodate approximately 4 people to pray at the same time. There are prayer clothes for women, prayer mat, qibla mark, compass, sandals for wudu’ equipped, so you can pray there comfortably.

Don’t forget to come to the Information desk first before usage.

Prayer space inside the center

About Fujisan LAVA CAFÉ

Funatsu, Fuji Kawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun 6663-1 Previous : Fuji Business Center, Yamanashi 401-0301
9:30 ~ 16:30 (L.O 16:00)
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