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What’s in your mind when you hear ‘Kyoto’?

Probably the classic Japanese ambiance, or its temples and shrines, or people wearing kimono walking around the city. I’ve been living in Kyoto for almost three years, and at some point it feels quite wrong for have never stroll around with kimono in this beautiful city.

Thus, I decided to book a couple kimono plan at Yumeyakata, along with a photographer, to make some memories of my husband and I while staying in the old capital of Japan.

Rent a Kimono in Yumeyakata

When we arrived at Yumeyakata store, we were greeted by the staff on the first floor, before being escorted to the second floor for registration and chose our kimono.

Since I wear a hijab, I brought three hijab with different colors so that I will have wider choices of kimono that match my hijab color.
Yumeyakata itself provides more than 500 kimono and yukata collection – they even have their own original design!

Registration process before choosing the kimono
So happy that we have a lot of beautiful option!

There were two basics item that I had to choose: the kimono and the obi (kimono’s belt).
During choosing-the-kimono session, the staff of Yumeyakata kindly helped me through the process. They gave an advice about choosing the right color of kimono: to have a nice combination, the hijab color is better to match the obi color.

They also offered me to take option plan to my kimono, such as adding eri (patterned collar for kimono’s inner), ribbon, and other accessories for the obi. Wanting to wear something more than a basic kimono, I took the offer.
I believe the additional accessories will make the kimono more beautiful.

Choosing accessories for obi, helped by Yumeyakata’s staff

After I decided which kimono to wear, It was my husband turn to pick a kimono. Unlike women’s kimono, choosing men’s kimono is simpler, we just need to match his kimono color with mine.

Looking for a matching kimono

Shortly after we found the right one, we moved to the dressing room on the third floor (basement floor for man).

Dressing up in a kimono is quite familiar for me, but not for my husband – it was his first time of using a kimono. Having said that, wearing a kimono still feels challenging for me.

It is said that when wearing kimono, women’s body needs to be straight.

In order to do so, there are a lot of things happening inside the kimono: towel to straighten up, rope to tighten, etc.

However, Yumeyakata staff who helped me and my husband wore the kimono was very thoughtful.
Although she tried her best to put the kimono to us in a Japanese traditional way, she always makes sure we were feeling comfortable.

In this kimono plan, I also reserved a makeup session. I requested a natural make up look to Yumeyakata’s makeup artist, overall I really love the result!

Before leaving the store, Yumeyakata’s staff kindly hand us a small bag for our precious belonging and a zouri (Japanese sandals) that suits our foot size. Our clothes, bag, and other belongings are save in Yumeyakata’s baggage room.

Now, we are ready to go to explore Kyoto!

We are ready to explore Kyoto!

Strolling Around Higashiyama in Kimono

To memorize our moment wandering around in Kyoto, I decided to hire a photographer from Yumeyakata. They have several professional photographers (with a license for taking photos in some restricted area!) and some of them speak English.
Our photographer for that day was Mr. Allan.

While there are many locations in Kyoto that worth to be explored, one of the most beautiful areas – which happened to be my favorite – is Higashiyama District. Started from Shirakawa Ipponbashi, downward to Ishibe Alley, Ninenzaka, and Yasaka Pagoda, Higashiyama Area is a one of a kind that makes me never get bored to re-visit.

Shirakawa Ipponbashi

Our first stop was the Shirakawa Ipponbashi. Located in the northeast part of Gion, this 60m bridge is one of the scenic areas in Kyoto where people love to take pictures.

In summer, we found that many boys playing in the Shirakawa canal. If you are here in the first week of August, they have a festival where hundreds of goldfish put in to clean the river.

Moving to the southern part of Higashiyama, we stopped in front of Kodaiji Temple.
Since I requested to Mr. Allan to explore Ninenzaka, I thought we were going there directly.

To my surprise, Mr. Allan took us to Ishibe Alley – a unique, enchanted, and preserved alley of Kyoto.
Personally, husband and I had been wanted to take photos in Ishibe Alley, but it is prohibited to take pictures and videos in this area. We were really grateful when we found out that Mr. Allan has the license to take photos in this alley!

Taking pictures at Ishibe Alley

Since it was a hot summer day in Kyoto, we decided to sip an ice cream when in Ninenzaka area. husband and I had our pre-wedding photoshoot in this area, so having this photo session with Yumeyakata sort of brings back memories.

For the record, both husband and I are the one who usually behind the camera, so often times we feel awkward being photographed. However, with Mr. Allan of Yumeyakata, we feel really comfortable as he directed us casually and let us be ourselves during the photoshoot session.
We managed to put our true smiles and laugh while enjoying our time in my favorite place in Kyoto.

Prayer Room

After finished renting the kimono, I asked the Yumeyakata staff if there is any room that I can use for praying. Luckily, they have!

To fellow Muslim tourist who wants to take a prayer before or after wearing a kimono in Yumeyakata, you may use this prayer room. With a soft and fluffy carpet, a prayer mat, and a qibla’ pointer provided, anyone can have a peaceful praying here. The room may accommodate up to 3 people. For wudhu, you may use the sink in the toilet.

Prayer room at Yumeyakata

Husband and I really enjoy the kimono experience with Yumeyakata. Helpful staff, friendly photographer, beautiful kimono options, and above it all – a special praying room for Muslims! Thank you Yumeyakata! We had a great time.

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