[Recipe 1] Vegetable Ramen!

Samurai Ramen that is now available in Gyomu Super with quiet affordable price, make it easier for us to get!

Samurai Ramen in Gyomu Super

One pack of samurai ramen is for 2 meals, consists of noodle and ramen sauce.

This time we will introduce how to cook Samurai Ramen with more fun, and in very simple recipe!

Let’s Cook Vegetable Ramen!

Recipe (for 1 meal)

※ Samurai Ramen (1 noodle and 1 sauce)
※ Your favorite vegetables
※ Sesame oil (in sufficient amount)
※ Salt and pepper

How to Cook

  1. Prepare your favorite vegetables, cut in bite size.
    This time we are using mushroom, carrot, onions, and cabbage

  2. Heat sesame oil, then lightly stir-fry the vegetables. Add some salt and pepper, then put on a plate

  3. Now let’s make the ramen! Boil the noodle on 400cc water for 3 minutes, then pour the sauce.

  1. Put ramen on a bowl, then put vegetables as toppings.

Simple, delicious, quick, and fun!
Please have a try!