UNOIKE green tea
UNOIKE green tea

UNOIKE SEICHA FACTORY, a company that has continuously conducted business for over 10 years in Malaysia and obtained Halal certification in December last year, kindly took the time to answer our questionnaire. They are actively engaged in activities and also made an exhibit at this year’s MIHAS.


Q1. What kind of Halal certification did you acquire?

JHA, which is mutually recognized by JAKIM


Q2. Why did you acquire Halal certification?

To explore overseas demand and possibilities along with the increase in the Muslim population.


Q3. What are the characteristics of your company and products (points you would like to promote)?

Our Japanese green tea was adjudged the best in Japan in a Japanese contest; it combines the full-bodied flavor of Japanese green tea with a mild taste. We grow and produce the tea using our own special methods, resulting in a beautiful green color unique to Japanese green tea. Our Japanese green tea has an easy-to-drink taste and flavor; ideal for your first Japanese green tea experience.


Q4. Please give us three recommended ways of eating them (or dishes).

1. You can feel at ease by drinking our tea after breakfast in the morning, after dinner, or during your break time.

2. You can enjoy Japanese green tea with snacks.

3. You can enjoy it as flavored tea.


Q5. What do you expect from the acquisition of Halal certification?

We hope to make Japanese green tea known internationally and allow foreign consumers to purchase Japanese products with confidence.


Q6. What measures did you take, or what was difficult, in acquiring Halal certification?

It was difficult to meet the export quality standards. For example, we had to pay more attention than ever before to metal detection and contaminants, etc.


Q7. Where can people purchase your products?

We are currently negotiating with trading partners in Malaysia who will soon begin selling our products.


Corporate information

1160 Unoike, Yame-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture 834-0055