Enjoy Halal Wagyu and Great View of Mount Fuji Together!

Everybody knows Mount Fuji, the most beautiful mountain in Japan that attract both domestic and international tourists to visit and see Mount Fuji with own eyes. Especially in the upcoming spring where we can enjoy beautiful landscape of blooming shiba-zakura with Mount Fuji on the back.

Moreover, enjoying halal food while looking at the beautiful panorama of Mount Fuji is an experience you have to try while visiting Japan, a gorgeous experience where you can get both at Kintokitei in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Japanese Restaurant, Kintokitei

Kintokitei is place where you can find variety of items, which is suitable as souvenir on your trip, at souvenir shop on the 1st floor, and enjoy Japanese foods at the restaurant on the 2nd floor.

Do you know that Kintokitei is the only restaurant serving halal foods in Gotemba city, Shizuoka?
Available in 250 seats and 130 tatami spaces, Kintokitei is often being visited by tourists in group.


Restaurant on the 2nd floor
Restaurant on the 2nd floor

Its specialty is kamameshi, one kind of Japanese dish which rice, meat and vegetables are served in a small pot. But, do you know that here at Kintokitei, we can enjoy fresh halal wagyu?

Halal wagyu set
Halal wagyu set
Halal wagyu used on the dish
Halal wagyu used on the dish

Wagyu is rapidly increasing its popularity among Muslim tourists, which is of course, you need to have it a try too! It costs JPY 3,500 for a set of halal wagyu dish.
Please note that you need to make a reservation in advance to enjoy halal wagyu.

How if enjoying juicy and delicious wagyu while enjoying the great landscape of Mount Fuji at the same time?
Yes! A great service you can get at Kintokitei, Shizuoka !

Great view of Mount Fuji
Great view of Mount Fuji

How to Access

Kintokitei can be reached 2 min by taxi from JR Gotemba station.
JR Gotemba station is located about an hour by train from Hokane-cho station and 1 hour 5 min from Odawara station.

Where to Pray

There is Gotenba Premium Outlet nearby, a largest outlet mall in Japan, that has prayer space separated between men and women, and facilitated with wudu’ space.

Details : Prayer space in Gotemba Premium Outlets


Please make a reservation by call (Japanese only) or mail (Japanese, English, Chinese) to phone number and email mentioned below.

11:00 – 14:00
Dec 30-31, Jan 1
1-24-5, Ninoka, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka 412-0025
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