Authentic Japanese Cuisine at Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto

Traveling to Japan will not complete without enjoying traditional Japanese dishes. Especially if you travel to Kyoto, a city well-known with its richness of Japan traditional culture.

There, we have a recommended Japanese restaurant, Yoshiya that will serve you the authentic yet mouthwatering Japanese dishes located in Arashiyama, one of popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto.

Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto

Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto, a Japanese cuisine restaurant located just 5 min walk from Arashiyama station, that will serve you halal yet delicious Japanese dishes, but also the great view of scenic Arashiyama and Japanese-traditional-decorated interior that will complete your enjoyment.

Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto
Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto

Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto is a halal-certified restaurant that serves various of Japanese dishes.

Halal certification of Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto
Halal certification of Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto

Now they have new mouthwatering menus, those are the famous and most-wanted among muslim tourists, Japanese wagyu shabu-shabu and unaju.

shabu-shabu, unaju

Wagyu shabu-shabu

Wagyu shabu-shabu
Wagyu shabu-shabu

Wagyu, that is well-known with its tender and luxury, recently becoming more and more popular especially among muslim tourists. Here in Yoshiya, they serve wagyu that you can have in one of traditional Japanese dish, shabu-shabu. You need to put the vegetables and wagyu into the boiled hot soup first, then enjoy! We believe you’ll surprise with the taste of wagyu shabu-shabu.



Unaju means broiled eel served over rice in a lacquered box. Unaju originally using mirin, that is containing alcohol in its process, but unaju served at Yoshiya is made without using mirin while maintain the delish of unaju as one of popular traditional Japanese dishes. You can enjoy the softness and tenderness of the unaju that you can not forget!

Good News! Get Special Discount at Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto!

Yoshita Kyoto, that is welcoming it’s 70th anniversary this March, liaising with Garuda Airlines (Indonesia) and offer special discount! Those who have Garuda Airlines boarding pass, please show your boarding pass when your visit to Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto and get special discount up to 30%!!


For the details (here in Japanese) :
※ Show your boarding pass (within 7 days from boarding day) or Garuda Miles Card(blue・silver・gold・goldEC+・platinum)
※ Period : January 1st, 2018 until Dec 31st 2018
※ Those who visit the restaurant before 14.00 will get 10% discount, after 14.00 will get 15% discount on meal price.

Furthermore, you can get more discount on their 70th anniversary special period!
※ Period : March 20th, 2018 until Sept 19th 2018
※ Those who visit the restaurant before 14.00 will get 20% discount, after 14.00 will get 30% discount on meal price.

Kimono Hijab at Yoshiya!

Besides enjoying delicious authentic Japanese dishes, there are elegant kimono hijab at Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto which is very suitable as souvenir for your beloved ones, or maybe for yourself!

Kimono hijab
Kimono hijab

Other dishes you can enjoy!

other menu

Yoshiya Arashiyama Kyoto has various of delicious halal Japanese dishes you can choose. Enjoying authentic Japanese food in the most scenic and beautiful Arashiyama, Kyoto, what else you need?

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