Soy sauce which has top market share in Japan got halal certification

Kikkoman say sauce is the one which all of Japanese have tasted at least one time.
After trial and error of over 4 years, Halal Soy Sauce which we had hoped for finally launched on August 21, 2017.
This time, I went to Kikkoman head office to ask the current situation.


I asked to the person in charge how big response they got after the start of sales.
At the moment it would be great.

A large number of sample inquiries have already come from hotels, airports, restaurants,
I would like to enter the negotiation stage from now.

Since they hope every one who come to Japan can enjoy Japanese food culture,
they started halal this time.
I can not wait to be distributed to restaurants and hotels actually in the future.

Compared to a number of Halal soy sauce, what is the characteristic of “Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce”?

Features① Not only for halal but also for gluten free

“Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce” does not use any wheat as a raw material,it is completely gluten-free soy sauce.
Apart from Muslim people, it can be used for people who has restriction on intake of wheat and health-oriented people as well.

Features② Capacity of user friendly

Most of existing halal soy sauce products have big capacity,
it’s easy to expire freshness date so far.
On the other hand, “Kikkoman Halal Soy Sauce”,
since it is manufactured in relatively small volume of 1 ℓ, it got more user friendly than before.

Features③ Halal certification that can be used many countries

They have received Halal certification from the Dutch certification body “HFFIA”
which has mutual recognition with certification bodies of various countries including Malaysia JAKIM and Indonesian MUI.
Because of that,it is possible to respond to a wide range of Muslim people.

Features④ Authentic taste by using original technology

They produce the color, taste and fragrance similar to general regular soy sauce by original technology.
You can not only put it on dishes,but also use for dishes such as stir-fry and simmered dishes.

For those who are looking for soy sauce that is compatible with halal / gluten free,
I believe this is a must use item.

Kikkoman Corporation

250, Noda, Noda city, Chiba, 278-8601, Japan
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