Mitsukoshi Isetan sells The finest of Halal Wagyu online as well!

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Mitsukoshi Isetan Halal food section here (Only in Japanese)

Why they started

This service has started to accomplish ” Muslim customers inside and outside of Japan can be entertained shopping what Japanese enjoys at department store without feeling stressful based on proper navigation.
For this reason, this commitment has launched since 2014 to embrace diversity”.

In a real sencse, multicultural society has to be needed along with the increasing number of foreigners in Japan, in addition to aging phenomenon in Japan’s society.
To enrich foreigner’s life environment, Mitsukoshi Isetan tries to be devoted themselves to achievement towards it even though it is not going to be big.

What makes it attractive

Safety due to natural environment which ingredients are originated from, the taste of the food are guaranteed. Now you will be able to enjoy “Amakusa Wagyu” “Amakusa Daiou” grown up in Kumamoto.
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Current situation

As more attention has been paid to Halal by Japanese in terns of food safety, half of their customers are from Japan. Afterwards, to let Muslim enjoy it, they are planning to develop their products and service. (we will sell frozen lunch box and bread as well)

Message to Muslims

They have just started this sale but going to establish products and services helpful for Muslims in daily life.