Lots of restaurants in Japan start doing the halal food due to the increase of numbers of moslems in Japan, both the foreigners and reverted Japanese.

This restaurant is not specifically labeling itself as a Halal Restaurant yet they do not use any pork or alcohol based ingredients in their food and they use mostly halal meat. This is an Indonesian restaurant called CABE located in Meguro (15 minute walk from Meguro west exit).

When you come to this restaurant, you’d better ask to the staff first which food is using halal meat today, since it depends on the availability on that day. Or I might suggest you to call them first. This restaurant also serves alcoholic drink hence you should ask them which drink are non alcohol.

On this day we held farewell party for our friends who will go back to their home countries after traveling and internship. We ordered lots of food and we make sure with the staff before that we only want halal labeled meat for our meal. Alhamdulilah, most of the food today are halal so we have lots of options. We ordered gado-gado (vegetable with peanut sauce), rendang (meat with spicy sauce), tempeh, satay (like yakitori), fried chicken with shrimp-paste-chilli sauce, shrimp-paste fried rice and banana fried ice cream as our dessert.

We can also ask the staff to prepare the ‘praying space’ for us. If you want to taste Indonesian food in Japan, please come and visit this restaurant.

Address 3-12-7, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel +81-(0)3-3713-0952
Open (L.O.21:30)