Written by Hafizah Khusni

How to enjoy Sano-city here

In Japan, admiring the beauty of seasonal nature is normal to everyone. While sakura is a symbol of spring in Japan, leaves changing their colors is the symbol of autumn. ‘Hanami’ is a familiar word among Japanese when celebrating spring, whereby they love picnicking under sakura trees.On the other hand, ‘Kouyou’ is associated with autumn. Well, have you heard the love of Japanese towards this colorful season?
‘Kouyou’ (紅葉, literally ‘red leaves’) means ‘leaves changing colors’.Kouyou is the process of leaves gradually change their colors from the vivid green of summer to the beautiful red, yellow and brown leaves of autumn. It is said that the tradition of enjoying the beauty of leaves changing colors was born during Heian period and since then maple, ginkgo and oaks trees are planted throughout Japan for this aim.
Nowadays, people have a picnic or drive through mountains or across countryside merely to enjoy the beauty of this colorful season. The Japan’s autumn is so magnificent that even foreigners pay a visit to gaze and admire. Indeed, even the roads at the heart of cities are colored with red and yellow leaves.
The change of colors starts in the middle of September in Hokkaido. As for Tohoku region, the best time to enjoy Kouyou is around October while November and December for Kantou and Kyushu region respectively. Whereas, the best time to enjoy Kouyou in Sano is around the middle of November, yet this varies every year. Here is some of the wonderful Kouyou spot in Sano city!

Houraisan (蓬莱山) Photo credit: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/hasemi_1/33910468.html