Washoku Halal Bento
Washoku Halal Bento

“Umemori Sushi” is a sushi restaurant located in Nara with obtainment of halal certification.
Let’s experience making Sushi in Nara!

“Umemori-Sushi” has started the bento delivery service in the Kansai area.
Of course, halal soy sauce will be provided for sushi.

  • If you need bento delivered to the hotel since you’re going on a trip.
  • If you need halal washoku bento for my Muslim guests.
  • If you want to host a party with halal washoku.
  • If you want to eat halal sushi.

Please use our service if you apply to any of the above.

Please order from the below link:
Umemori Halal Deli

Please check the below link for the ordering method.
How to order