Made-in-Japan Halal certified skin care cosmetics is popular in Indonesia!

On April 30th and May 1st, PBJ Inc. that sells Halal certified cosmetic “MOMOHIME” prepared a booth at SAKURA MATSURI in MaxxBox. Maxxbox is located in EJIP, Bekasi City, West Jawa.

Sakura Matsuri has been held since 5 years ago. The theme is enhancement of interaction between Japanese and Indonesia. This time 100,000 people visited, and this is the largest number in past years. This means Indonesian has a much interest in Japanese culture.

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A lot of people came MOMOHIME’s booth and they tried MOMOHIME. They finally bought MOMOHIME which is a sample for this event. They said they were surprised at halal, made in japan, good smell by peach, non-sticky and so on. We appreciated it.



Moreover members of Lumina Scarlet, an idol group in Indonesia, visited their booth and supported the staff. They have shared the information with social media so that MOMOHIME can be recognized by more and more people who visited the exhibition.


PBJ Inc. started selling a series of certificated skin care cosmetics in March 3rd 2016. Though the number of handling our products is increase in Japan, many overseas companies offer to contract and we made a conclusion of a contract with more than 10 countries. We are in progress for launching businesses in Indonesia. We are glad that the day we offer our halal skin care cosmetics which are made in Japan draws near because we thought Indonesia was the biggest target at planning stage.

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