Additive- Free, Alcohol-Free Chiffon Cake
Additive- Free, Alcohol-Free Chiffon Cake

If you go to Asakusa, you will find a delicious chiffon cake bakery. “otaco” is a cake bakery that specializes in making chiffon cake with 100% use of domestic rice flour. Each and every cake are daily hand-made with extra care in the kitchen at the back of the store.

Although we are not halal certified, in general, the cakes are made without any use of additives, antiseptics, preservatives, alcohol and animal components. Because of this reason, they have expiration period of 2 days.

The taste and ingredients are as follows:

Plain Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Milk、Evaporated milk
Earl gray Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Milk、Earl Grey (tea)
Mocha Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Coffee、Coffee Liqueur
*Alcohol is included exclusive to mocha. Cakes are not made in a separate kitchen.
Macha (green tea) milk Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Milk、Powdered green tea.
Cocoa Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Milk、Cocoa powder
Walnut raisin Fresh egg、Rice flour、Millet sugar、Rapeseed oil、Milk、Raisins、Walnuts

Since the cakes are made by using health conscious ingredients such as cane-sugar, domestic canola-oil, fresh eggs, etc., they are popular among children and senior citizens. Please enjoy the signature sticky/damp taste produced by the rice-flour and soft taste of rice.

Asakusa Kannon Ura (Asakusa Kannon back ally) is known as a calm location that consists a lineup of traditional eating houses such as Asakusa kenban (geisha catering office), Japanese traditional upscale-restaurant, local dining restaurant and Japanese sweets cafe. Needless to say, the area is known as a hangout place for many locals who are fans of gourmet food. “Chiffon cake bakery ‘otaco’” made its grand opening in September of 2010 at Kototoidori street that consists staple tourist spots such as “Kannon Ura” and “Sky Tree”.


Strict selection of ingredients

We value what many mothers are thinking which is “Let’s eat healthy meals! Yes, that includes snacks too!”

We made this bakery through our strong desire to want people to enjoy safe sweets that value natural taste of original ingredients without adding any unnecessary ingredients♪

Our strict selection #1
Rice flour
We use 100% domestic rice flour.
Our cake has the distinguishing features of being additive-free, low calorie (roughly over 5% calorie reduction compared to the regular flours), gluten-free, and a new kind of texture with sticky feel.
Our strict selection #2
Rapeseed oil
Since we strive for “delicious oil that has good aroma and organic ingredients”, we use canola oil made through traditional technique called “tamashime”, and we make sure not to use any chemical ingredients which is very rare for bakeries these days. The raw material of canola oil is also domestic.
Our strict selection #3
Fresh egg
We use premium eggs being delivered from Ibaraki prefecture called “Okukujiran”. They are excellent eggs known for their superior taste and aroma. (Egg selection may change depending on the season)
Our strict selection #4
Millet sugar
It is made by directly boiling down the sugar extract that is still under refining process. Because of such technique, it has rich amount of sugar-cane flavor and mineral.

We daily bake each and every cake with utmost care by using the above mentioned ingredients. The puffing of chiffon cake is all done through the power of egg’s meringue! Hats off to amazing eggs! Please enjoy the delicious soft taste brought by various ingredients such as sticky/damp taste of rice flour, etc.

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