Make your own Sukiyaki
Written by Dwinda Nafisah
Sukiyaki probably is one of the most well-known Japanese foods. It is often served in Japanese restaurants around the world. In winter, this food becomes more special not only because of its warmth, but also because of the togetherness that we can get by enjoying sukiyaki with our friends around kotatsu. However, many Muslims are challenged to get their own sukiyaki as many sukiyaki dishes served in Japan are not halal.

But now, there is good news for Muslim who loves to cook Japanese food! Now you can make your own sukiyaki using halal sukiyaki sauce from Igagoe. As one of the most experienced Japanese seasoning companies, Igagoe produces their sukiyaki sauce and shoyu in halal process and got their halal certification from NPO Japan Halal Association.
The soy beans is brewed for more than 300 days and processed naturally without using additives. The halal sukiyaki sauce and shoyu are processed separately from the non-halal ones. Igagoe is only using halal certified ingredients for their halal products, and even Igagoe has halal building and halal room to manufacture halal products.

Entrance for Halal Building in Igagoe Factory
The halal sukiyaki sauce tastes very delicious! You even can use the sauce for making your own teriyaki. Mix the sukiyaki sauce with halal beef, pour boiled water with Igagoe halal shoyu, and get your halal sukiyaki! It is simple and can be a perfect dish during this cold winter.

Make your own Sukiyaki
The handy packaging also made this product suitable for Japanese souvenir for your relatives. Now, these two Japanese seasonings are only available in Igagoe online shops (discount price available on the website). However, Igagoe has a plan to sell it on Japanese supermarket and overseas this year. Let’s hope that it will come true soon!

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