Press Release

January 27, 2016
Tsutau Co., Ltd.,

Notification of Business Ties up with Halal Media Japan to
Roll Out Japanese Halal Information in English


This is to inform you that Tsutau Co., Ltd., (Head office: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Mai Hieda, President; hereinafter called “Halal Recipes Japan”), which runs the specialized recipes website for Muslim people, first-ever in Japan, the “Halal Recipes Japan”, has forged links with the Halal Media Japan Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Akihiro Shugo, President), which is the world’s first portal site that gathers Japanese halal information in English. We have agreed and entered into a business partnership to distribute;
Halal Recipes Japan Portal Site:
Halal Media Japan Portal Site:

1. Purpose of the Cooperation
The purpose is to distribute halal Japanese dishes recipes to Muslims around the world, to support rich food life for Muslim in Japan, to promote “Made in Japan” halal certified food.
The Halal Recipes Japan also provides the necessary cooking knowledge with the Halal Media Japan, which is the largest Muslim information-gathering site in Japan, and contribute to strengthen the acceptance of Muslim tourists in Japan.

2. Cooperation Details
(1) Inform of halal Japanese dishes recipes
The Halal Media Japan, which has the greatest Muslim information-gathering influence in Japan, will distribute halal Japanese dishes recipes, which are developed by the Halal Recipes Japan, as one of their contents. We would aim to support rich food life for Muslim in Japan.

(2) Advertise “Made in Japan” Halal certified food
The Halal Recipes Japan will start new advertising service for manufactures to promote their halal certified products. The Halal Media Japan will conjunct to distribute it. The Halal Recipes Japan and the Halal Media Japan shall aim to promote “Made in Japan” halal certified food to the world.

3. Company Outline
Company Name: Tsutau Co., Ltd.,
Spokesperson: President
Address: 901, 7-23-5 Minami-senju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0003
Established: July 2015
Business Details: Management of Halal Recipes Japan, Supporting menu development and promotion for Muslims to hotels and restaurants etc.

Company Name: Halal Media Japan Co., Ltd.
Spokesperson: Akihiro Shugo, President
Address: 2-1-2 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022
Established: September 2014
Business Details: Management of Halal Media Japan, Halal Gourmet Japan, and Japan Halal Expo

Tsutau Co., Ltd.,
Supervisor: Hieda
Tel: 050-5587-5218