An Halal Oden Party was held at the Kappou Yama Halal Japanese restaurant located in Saitama City on the night of October 30.
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Kappou Yama is a restaurant which serves Halal-friendly Japanese food. It is engaged in various efforts to allow many Muslims to enjoy delicious Japanese foods with peace of mind. It has acquired Halal certification from Malaysia Halal Corporation, and all chefs have undergone Halal training. Kappou Yama also regularly holds events such as ”Sukiyaki Day”, “Smorgasbord Day”, and “Ramen Noodle Soup Day” so Muslims can better enjoy Japanese food.

On this occasion, an event called the Halal Oden Party was held at Kappou Yama. Oden is a traditional boiled and seasoned Japanese food created by placing a variety of ingredients such as radish, fish paste, konjac, and boiled egg into flavored soup. It is often eaten during the chilly seasons of fall and winter and is ubiquitous in Japan.

Halal Oden Party
Halal Oden Party

Normally, seasoning which contains the alcohol component of mirin is used in the oden soup and Muslims are unable to enjoy it. However, the oden served at the Halal Oden Party was cleverly made by Kappou Yama without the use of alcohol at all while fully retaining the oden taste. The soup was created with bouillon taken from Halal chicken and plenty of vegetables in order to bring out the good flavor and sweetness which is a feature of the oden soup.

The Muslims attending the event were highly satisfied and enjoyed eating oden for the first time. The Malaysian participants said that the oden tasted quite similar to the Malaysian Yong Tau Foo.

Participants at the Halal Oden Party were served chestnut rice, Yawata Maki beef & burdock rolls, salad, and jelly for dessert in addition to oden. All dishes were prepared in a dedicated halal kitchen and were completely Halal-friendly, and the Muslim participants were able to enjoy them in addition to the oden. Many participants asked for a second serving and the event was a great success.

Kappou Yama’s next event will feature Halal steak. Please check the Kappou Yama Facebook page for updated details.
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