”Shokuno Kakehashi Company” developed a HALAL uncurned tuna ham using tuna from Okinawa Prefecture, which are currently available in Okinawa. It is made by marinating tuna in seasoned liquid based on olive oil for three days, then smoking it with cherry wood, giving it a smoky aroma and strong tuna flavor. Mr. Shinohara, the CEO, commented that “It is perfect for gift or to serve at parties. We are suggesting new ways of enjoying tuna and are hoping that this will lead to increase in tuna consumption.” The uncured tuna ham was the first round of product made with local ingredients from Okinawa, and Japan Food and Culture Kakehashi Company is planning on developing more products followed by this. They are marketing the product to supermarkets and restaurants outside of the prefecture, and are planning to export them to overseas countries such as Islamic countries in the future.