Are you a Muslim woman who had not been able to find a hair salon that suits your needs in Japan? Introducing “Solpisca”, the first hair salon in Japan where Muslim women can get their haircut with privacy.

Welcome to Solpisca

Solpisca, located in Ebisu, Tokyo, just a 5-minute walk away from JR Ebisu Station, usually operates as a hair salon specialist for weddings.
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Mami Kimura, the president of Pasha Plus (the company which operates this salon), decided to set up Solpisca, after speaking to an Indonesian housewife who is living in Japan. The Indonesian housewife told Ms. Kimura that she didn’t know where she could get a hair cut, there was nowhere she could go. With that, Ms. Kimura studied Islamic culture and became aware that many Muslim women living in Japan are unable to get their hair cut.

The privacy you need

At Solpisca, Muslim women are now able to have their hair cut in total privacy; a private partition with curtains covering the entrance of the salon so that they would not be seen from the outside.

The salon only uses Halal-friendly shampoo, treatments and cosmetics, etc. made from natural ingredients. As for perming and colouring agents, they contain animal-derived product. Muslim customers can decide whether they want to use them.

Moreover, all the hairdressers at the salon are female.

Halal-friendly shampoo

There is also a private prayer room conveniently located in the salon for our Muslim customers.

As for the cost, an adult haircut is 6,480 yen, and an additional 1,080 yen is charged to rent the room privately. Customers may be accompanied by family and friends in their private room, if the customer so wishes.

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The prayer room

Ms. Kimura commented, “When my customers thank me, I feel happy to be able to serve them. I believe that a hair salon is an oasis for women to be able to relax. So, I want my customers to experience. Also, I want them to experience our skills, the Japanese way.”

The salon is currently growing and has approximately 20 Muslim customers every month. Islamic embassy officials and international students in Japan, are spreading by word-of-mouth about this salon via Facebook, and other social media.

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*Please note that advanced reservation required for the use of private rooms.

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