Located in the southernmost prefecture of Japan, Okinawa’s climate is perfect for sugar cane. Sugar cane are grown and made into one of its local treats; Brown sugar candy.

Ryukyu Brown Sugar Candy
Ryukyu Brown Sugar Candy

Let’s hear what the owner has to say about these delicious treats.

(1) How is brown sugar candy well-received by foreign visitors?
Brown sugar candy have been popular in Okinawa for a long time, and its popularity is currently increasing overseas. Many foreign visitors purchase brown sugar candy because it is a well-known local delight and has some health related benefits.

(2) How do you cater to Muslim visitors?
Our products mainly consist of sugarcane, in other words, there are no non-halal ingredients. We making efforts to acquire Halal certification, so that Muslim visitors can also enjoy our product with a peace of mind.

In addition, our employees have been educated on what it means to produce Halal products so that our manufacturing process would be in line.

(3) What are the features of your products?
The history of brown sugar making is said to have begun when Shinjo Gima dispatched messengers to China to learn the techniques in 1623 (3rd year of the Shoho period).

At Ryukyu Kokuto Co. Ltd., we use the above traditional manufacturing techniques; blending brown sugar, raw sugar, and molasses made from sugarcane in Okinawa,

with our very own formula to create brown sugar candy.

Ryukyu Brown Sugar and Mint Brown Sugar
Ryukyu Brown Sugar and Mint Brown Sugar

Our company also provides the services/support listed below:

(1) Consistent quality assurance of brown sugar products
(2) A substantial annual supply of brown sugar products
(3) Manufacturing a diverse range of brown sugar candy

Our products are made available on JAL’s in-flight services:

  • Ryukyu Brown Sugar (a.k.a Kurokuroto)
  • Mint Brown Sugar
  • Chocotto (a mix of brown sugar and chocolate which is popular among women)
  • Black Chocolate
  • Sata Andagi (An Okinawan traditional fried pastry)
  • and many more…

We also accept requests from companies who wish to produce Brown Sugar Candy as their own Private Brand and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) support from countries around the globe.


We hope to increase the awareness of brown sugar candy around the world.

◆Purchase your Brown Sugar Candy from any of the following websites◆

-Washita Shop (Okinawa showroom)
In Tokyo, we have stores in Ginza, Nippori and Ueno.

-Okinawa Takarajima (Okinawa showroom)

-Our company’s online shop