Halal certiried logo
Halal certiried logo

(1) The reason you offer Halal-friendly dishes

“As a practicing Muslim myself, I am well aware that eating out in Japan is a headache with the lack of Halal-friendly options. I thought, it’d be great if there were more places where I could eat until my stomach is full without having to worry about anything. Other Muslims living in Japan surely think the same.

I thought, when I start my own restaurant, I will open an Italian restaurant in which Muslims can dine with peace of mind – a place where all people can enjoy the safe, healthy, clean environment. Pran Pone was established on this idea of a trusted dining experience that many people can enjoy regardless of religion or nationality.”

(2) The restaurant’s commitment

Pran Pone means “to do one’s best, wholeheartedly” in the Bangladeshi owner’s native language. The idea of giving our best effort to provide “dishes that can be eaten every day regardless of age and gender” and “calming, warm hospitality” is included in our name. We make it a point to “use as many vegetables as possible” and “minimize oil” to provide delicious dishes that both the young and elderly can enjoy with peace of mind.”


(3) Certification
“Actually, Pran Pone hasn’t really been highlighted or advertised as being Halal-friendly until now. However, as the demand for Halal foods in Japan has begun to increase, we have started to make announcements little by little in the store and on our website with the encouragement of customers. Pran Pone also acquired Halal certification from the Japan Islamic Trust in August this year. Our Muslim and Islamic-related customers have been steadily increasing thanks to people viewing our website and from word of mouth.

Pran Pone also sells sauces and curry via mail order; of course they are both Halal. I plan to expand the business to Mosques, embassies, schools, and travel agencies, etc. in order to further spread the word about Pran Pone.”