A Muslim-friendly menu has appeared in Kyoto Sanjo, the center of Kyoto tourism. Let me provide you with the press release of Ganko Food Service, Co., Ltd., a company that has been operating for over 50 years.


On July 15, our Kyoto Sanjo main store received certification as a Muslim-friendly restaurant from the Kyoto Halal Council. Our Kyoto Sanjo main store is a large composite store consisting of a sushi bar, Japanese food, and kaiseki (a sophisticated traditional Japanese cuisine brought in courses). The store boasts 350 seats in large and small private rooms.


Upon receiving certification as a Muslim-friendly restaurant, we have endeavored to equip dedicated kitchen lines, fixtures and fittings, and lifts, and pursue the goods of Japanese food as best we can in our menu.


Something we struggled with, and that also makes our Japanese food chain unique, is that we prepare food in our stores, not through a central kitchen. We have also prepared Halal-only trucks as a logistical measure.


Because we deal with a variety of cuisine, we provide disposable, good-looking, and solid tableware and glasses to our customers.
Please make a reservation at least three days in advance. The Kyoto Sanjo main store is located near Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, a location that everybody will be familiar with.

We were praised for our mangrove planting activities to harmonize and improve the global environment in 2007 and received a certificate of appreciation from Tarakan City, Indonesia. This shows that we have already developed friendships with Muslim countries. We hope to expand our Muslim-friendly menu to other stores in the future.


Muslim Friendly Menus, Ganko Kyoto Sanjyo Honten