I don’t know any Japanese people who hate curry. There are many flavors and types of curry, which is also served in elementary school lunches and is the national dish of Japan along with ramen. Japan is said to have acquired the curry dish from the U.K. navy over 100 years ago, and Japanese curry has subsequently evolved into a thickened version differing from the curry of Europe and India, the birthplace of curry.


       CoCo Ichibanya, well-known in Asia, has a total of 1300 stores (1200 in Japan + 100 overseas), a Guinness record for a curry chain. Japanese curry has also become popular in Europe in recent years thanks to its frequent appearances in Japanese anime. Come to think of it, there are curry-eating scenes in Dragon Ball and Doraemon, and Dragon Ball Curry and Doraemon Curry are also sold in Japan.


       Halal Inoue Spice Corporation curry roux can be purchased from the Halal Store. In addition, many curry shops in Japan are taking steps to acquire Halal certification and curry is also available in family restaurants and soba shops as well as curry shops. Curry is also available in the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, and Waseda University cafeterias. Soon there will be no trouble finding Halal curry in Japan.



You tube, Halal Food in Tokyo University