Located in area crowd with foreign tourist, Dotonbori!

Dotonbori has been a popular spot crowd with foreign tourist, filled with narrow street of a lot variety of souvenir shops, theater house, etc.

The most attractive point of Dotonbori is “gourmet”.

From takoyaki, yakisoba, yakiniku, ramen, sushi and so on, only mentioning the name can make us starving. It does overwhelmed a lot of people to make a line to enjoy the gourmets.

In that popular gourmets, okonomiyaki that is known as one of Osaka’s soul food, is now available Muslim friendly there in Osaka and quickly became a hot topic!

Muslim Friendly Menu in Chibo

Chibo is a long-established store with 45 years of history known with its excellent okonomiyaki, expanding it’s 70 shops across Japan.
Besides of domestic expansion, Chibo also has their 10 shops abroad and plan to open a few shops in Islamic countries this year.
Now Muslim friendly menu is available in Chibo, make it as the first muslim-friendly okonomiyaki chain store in the history.

What Chibo is Particular About ; (1) All-New Teppan (Iron Plate) and All-Fresh Foodstuffs

Along with the opening, Chibo provided all-new teppan and muslim friendly seasoning/halal certified meat.
A perfect counterpart where no need to get worry in contamination of pork or alcohol.

What Chibo is Particular About ; (2) Muslim Popular Menu Come Together!

Chiboyaki(2,000 yen)

Chiboyaki filled with beef, shrimp, scallop, squid is Chibo’s specialty.
If you are the first-timer, chiboyaki is the most recommended for you to have.

Besides of chiboyaki, there are also Muslim’s popular dishes such as yakisoba, teppanyaki and many more.
If you are the one that want to have as much as delicious Japanese foods in limited time of travelling, you can have everything here! (See menu here

coriander yakisoba (1,580 yen)
Halal wagyu roast steak(3,400 yen〜)

Moreover, Chibo has counter seat where you can see how the chef cook the meals.

What Chibo is Particular About ; (3) From Complete Prayer Space to Recommended Souvenirs!

Chibo has prayer space equipped with wudu’ space and prayer mat,
as well as souvenir corner with popular items for traveler.

Please have a nice visit to Chibo, Osaka!

Watch Video Below!

About CHIBO Diversity

7F 1-5-5 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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