Sumiyakiya, a Restaurant Managed by Yakiniku Professional With 20 Year Experiences

Roppongi has been known as a fashion town in Tokyo, popular with its magnificent illumination view during November-December.
Did you know that there is a restaurant where you can enjoy the superb halal wagyu in that stylish area?

Sumiyakiya That Had Been Visited by Mr. Mahathir With Their Best Cost Performance

In this recent years, wagyu has been known internationally. It leads to the increasing of Muslims come to Japan to have the delightful wagyu in its origin.
And for those who are looking for a delectable meat, Sumiyakiya is for you!

This restaurant owned by a Sri Lankan with 20 years experiences in Yakiniku in Japan. We may say, a professional among the professionals.
As the originator halal yakiniku restaurant since 8 years ago, Sumiyakiya had been got coverage in medias.

The owner, Mr. Roger, is a person who has eagerness in learning. He visited Malaysia many times to do observation.
As he is very particular about food, foodstuffs in the restaurant from kimchi to sauce are all handmade.
He learnt various genre of food, even he is a yakiniku professional, he is learning vegetarian food too.
His infinite impulse towards exploration that embodied in foods grasps the heart of many customers.

The owner, Mr. Roger

Sumiyakiya had been serving dinner menu only, but with requests from customers, they started to serve lunch menu since November 2018.

Lunch at Sumiyakiya is available on 1,000〜1,200 yen. Reasonable and delicious!

Lunch Menu Recommended by Halal Media Japan

The Most Recommended, Wagyu-Mixed Burger(1,200 yen)

This burger made from mix of wagyu (Japanese beef) and kokusan-gyu (domestic beef), use the finest 200 gr meat that made it voluminous and with excellent texture.
The appetizing meat juice flows out once you cut the burger.

Even though you eat it all the way without sauce, the meat itself is so flavorful.
Of course, you can have it with spicy sauce if you like.

Surprising Whole Chicken Salada!(1,500 yen)

This chicken salada served in whole halal chicken that will make you surprised with its impact!
The chicken cooked with simple seasonings but produce delicious taste, even one person can eat the whole chicken before you know it.
Big portion of salada poured with orange juice dressing, easy to eat and so delicious!
* This menu limited to 10 person per day

Appealing Dinner Menus!

Stylish Smoke Beef(2,500yen)

Once you open the lit, white smoke will come out. It’s time to push the shutter button!
Smoke beef and vegetables such as broccoli and carrot are beautifully set on the plate.
You can enjoy the sweetness of meat and vegetables. It has different delish with other meal.

Of Course The Recommended Wagyu

You can enjoy the wagyu yakiniku during lunch time too.
Meats served are all Japan domestic beef without any touch of imported one.
The popular wagyu menu served is selected from 6 areas, you can have Kobe Beef, Ohmi Beef, Satsuma Beef, etc.
*Wagyu may vary daily. For more information, please take a look on restaurant’s HomepageInstagramFacebook page.

When having yakiniku, so it will be with yakiniku sauce.
Many people might think so, but here in Sumiyakiya, you can enjoy it with different ways!
There are 3 types of seasonings :
・Sri Langka pepper
・Soy sauce+wasabi+umeboshi (pickled plum)

Sri Langka pepper is different with other kind of peppers. It has good fragrance that is not too light yet not too strong, and without numbness sensation like Chinese pepper has, very easy to eat.
Of course, the tender and softness of the meat will make you eat continuously before you know it.

This Sumiyakiya is located at 5 min walk from Roppongi station.
If you happen to come to Roppongi for shopping or enjoying night view, please visit Sumiyakiya and enjoy the meals!

About Sumiyakiya Nishi-azabu

Restaurant Name
Sumiyakiya Nishi-azabu
11:30-15:00 / 17:00-23:00
Nishiazabu Anex 1F, 3-20-16 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku , Tokyo
Halal Gourmet Japan