[Recipe 3] Green Curry Ramen !

By using Samurai Ramen noodle and sauce as base, we can make various of arrangement to enjoy Samurai Ramen in more fun!
This time, we will introduce how to make Green Curry Ramen!

Let’s Cook Green Curry Ramen!

Recipe (for 1 meal)

※ Samurai Ramen (1 meal)
※ Green curry paste (in sufficient amount)

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How to Cook

  1. Boil Samurai Ramen’s noodle for about 3 min (as written on the package)
  2. Before insert the sauce, put a suitable amount (as you like) of green curry paste to the pot, mix well

3.Then pour the Samurai Ramen’s sauce, mix well.
(You can add more green curry paste to adjust the taste)


This is the fastest recipe ever!
Mixed ramen sauce and green curry paste give a slightly hot taste and a nice flavor.

It only takes 5 min to make this green curry ramen! Please have a try!

Where to Get Samurai Ramen
Samurai Ramen is now available in Gyomu Super

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