Non-touristy and low cost itinerary you should try when visiting Japan

Welcome back to the second part of 11 Non-touristy things to do in Japan article. So, let’s begin part 2, friends!

6. Explore Konbini (Japanese convenience store) and Supermarket

I could spend all day looking at those beautiful cookies. Have a taste of seasonal fruits and foods too!
I could spend all day looking at those beautiful cookies. Have a taste of seasonal fruits and foods too!

Type of activity I love the most, obviously. Although, Muslim-friendly foods maybe still difficult to find, hunting and stuffing your basket with foods and drinks in unique flavors and only available in Japan can make a really fun thing to do. I also recommend to buy seasonal fruits and foods.

7. Picnic at a park

Picnic is an unusual itinerary when it comes to travel to Japan, but picnic is actually affordable and easy to accomplish. You only need to spend 2 hours (or more) of your day, when you feel too tired to carry out your packed itinerary.

I recommend to have a breakfast picnic. Buy foods and drinks at a convenience store or supermarket, then find the nearest park. Find the best spot at the park, enjoy your time and take a couple of photos.

8. Visit Japanese friend’s house

The making of handmade shaved ice. Summer must-do thing
The making of handmade shaved ice. Summer must-do thing
Japanese Monopoly
Japanese Monopoly. Play untill you drop (as literally seen on the picture ha ha, we had soo much fun)

Visit your Japanese friend’s house, I promise you, it would be a fantastic experience. What you’ve seen on Japanese drama, you will see in real life. You can feel the atmosphere, see the surrounding of a Japanese house and learn how Japanese have fun at home. Have fun chatting and enjoying your relax itinerary with your Japanese friend.

9. Stay at a guest house

My last trip was the second time I stayed at a guest house. We happened to stayed in a quiet residential area located only about 5 minutes on foot to the nearest station. By choosing to stay at a guest house, you can have the experience of living in Japan. You still have to do all the housework yourself, some daily activities Japanese people normally do.

Budget: Guest house for 3 persons cost around 3,000 yen per day. 3 Futons, bathroom with bathtub, kitchen, TV and other appliances are available

10. Have a cooking party

Have a house party with Okonomiyaki!
Have a house party with Okonomiyaki!

Guest house normally provides cooking utensils, so you can cook your own dish or even have an Okomiyaki party. Unfortunately, this type of activity maybe only possible when you stay at a guest house. You might encounter difficulties when choosing ingredients written in Japanese or finding Muslim-friendly ingredients, but this is actually quite fun.

Budget: Depends on what you cook, cost around 2,000 yen for 2 persons

11. Greet and speak Japanese

This must be the most random and challenging thing to do, but also very rewarding. So, instead of saying things in English, try saying things in Japanese. Like, “arigatou gozaimasu”, “konnichiwa” and other basic and simple phrases. Japanese people will be delighted to hear foreigner speaks in their language, so challenge yourself and give it a try!

In the end, every little thing you do in Japan can make a great experience and memory. Enjoy your non-touristy and not-so-mainstream activities in Japan. And if I miss something, you can think of your own non-touristy activity or ask your local friends to have more ideas. Let’s enjoy Japan to the fullest!