The Halal, Healthy, and Vegetarian Friendly “Samurai Ramen”!

Known as the-most-popular Japanese food, many foreign tourists get curious with the taste of ramen, especially since it often appears in Japanese anime broadcasted overseas.

Halal ramen, since made its appearance in Japan since a few years ago, is becoming so popular among both Muslims living in Japan and Muslim tourists.

Samurai Ramen, Halal Ramen to Bring Home!

After enjoying the rich taste of halal ramen in the restaurant, you may think to enjoy it at home or maybe bring it as a souvenir for family and friends in home country, and here it is, “Samurai Ramen” for you to bring home!


Samurai Ramen is no animal, no fish, no MSG, no alcohol instant ramen, which is halal, healthy, and vegetarian friendly!

Here is Samurai Ramen in exclusive gold package (2 servings) which is suitable as present!


There are bamboo chopstick, noodle, soup paste, and chili powder along with samurai card and cook direction in a box.
You can serve it with just approximately 5 min!
Then, enjoy the chewy noodle and miso-taste soup that will freshen you up!

How to add some toppings as you like?

Samurai Ramen with vegetable topping
Samurai Ramen with vegetable topping

Where to Purchase

Get Samurai Ramen exclusive gold box at Sekai Café Asakusa or Amazon with price 864 yen/box.

Besides of exclusive gold box, there are samurai ramen in plastic package for home use, available with price 972 yen for 3 packages (each for 2 servings) as can be found on Amazon.

Also available In 5 packages (1,620 yen) and 10 packages (3,240 yen).

About Samurai Ramen

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Samurai ramen is now available at the tourist information center at Kyoto tower.

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