Get favorite chicken meat from Kagoshima to your home

Written by : Dwinda Nafisah

Chicken! It is really easy to make food using chicken ingredients. However, most of halal chicken available in supermarket or halal shops are in boneless leg or chicken nugget, makes it difficult to make a bowl of crispy spicy wings or chicken breast steak. Then Ajinatori online answer the needs.


Ajinatori offers a lot of variety parts of chicken: boneless leg, wings, chicken breast, sausage, smoked chicken, even burger meat! The chicken meat offered by Ajinatori is chicken meat farmed locally and slaughtered by three Ajinatori’s Muslim staff in Kagoshima. Ajinatori’s chicken production is certified by Malaysia Halal Cooperation (MHC).

Ajinatori Online Shop page
Ajinatori Online Shop page

Actually, to order chicken meat online in Ajinatori is quite confusing since the online shop is mostly written in Japanese, but there is an advice for you: use the automatic language setting in your browser!

First, check the product detail in ‘Products’ page (it is in English), choose the meat that you want to order, then go to ‘Online Shop’ to order the product.
The payment can be done by credit card or through convenience store.
The orders are delivered fast and for orders that are more than 7,560 JPY, you will get free shipping.

Chicken order is arrived
Chicken order is arrived

Ordering chicken meat from Ajinatori not only makes it easier for Muslims to get various kinds of chicken meat, but also getting many products of instant processed food of Ajinatori, such as halal ramen, sausage, and burger meat.
The burger meat is most recommended one, besides easy to be served, it is juicy and yummy!

Dish using product from Ajinatori
Dish using product from Ajinatori

Great news for meat lovers!
Since December 2017, Ajinatori is not only selling Japanese halal chicken, but also Halal Kagoshima Black Wagyu Beef!

Happy online shopping!

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