Winter is here!

Winter is one of the most popular season for traveler to visit Japan. Besides of exciting winter-only sightseeing spots and activities, coldness of winter is one of attractive “point” that some travelers are looking for, especially those who come from tropical countries.

Yes, it is so attractive to feel winter that we will have never feel in home countries, but, it is wise to prepare ourselves to face the coldness to let us fully enjoy winter in Japan.

On this article, we will introduce how and what is needed to let you enjoy your winter trip!


Down jacket, yes the one that has air-bubble-like design, is a classic winter jacket we often find in some apparel stores like Uniqlo. It is so light that make us easy to move while keep the body warm, a marvelous technology as most of winter jacket or coat is tend to be heavy.
The other option is coat, of course it may not as light as down jacket, but its various of mode and style will help us look stylish in winter fashion.

Which one are you?  Down Team or Coat Team?
Which one are you?
Down Team or Coat Team?

When traveling to north side of Tokyo like Aomori or Hokkaido in winter, you may need thicker jacket to protect the body from severe coldness.

Layer clothes

Jacket will help us stay warmer, but it should be wise to wear layer clothes. Layer clothes will prevent body from heat loss and keep warm air inside. Especially those who come from tropical countries, it may be a “shock” once coldness touches the skin. Maybe you can try such as 5 layers of tops and 2 layers of trousers?

Do you curious why some Japanese not use that much of layers, just 2 or 3 layers, and looks like don’t feel that cold?


Apparel stores in Japan is selling warming inner clothes when winter is coming, such as HEATTECH by Uniqlo, another marvelous technology from Japan that only one pcs of thin inner but give comfortable warmth when it touches the skin. This warming inner could be one of good option to prevent to wear too much layers of clothes, but maybe you can also consider what will you do with it once come back to the home country?

Warm accessories like muffler, knit hat, and gloves

These are also must-have-items! They will keep you warm and protect the skin from dry winter air.
Japan has so many items with good warmth while keep you stylish and fashionable. From soft-touch furry muffler until gloves that allow you to operate smartphone!

Fully equipped!  Knit hat + muffler + gloves
Fully equipped!
Knit hat + muffler + gloves

Magical Japanese heat pack, Kairo

You can find it almost everywhere, from convenience store to department/discount store. Put this pack inside your pocket and feel the comfortable warmth, especially to warm your hands. There are various of Kairo available in Japan, from Kairo for pocket until for shoes, which is very helpful to keep your feet warm inside the shoes. Kairo is disposable and available in some pcs in a package.

Magical Japanese heat pack, Kairo.  For pocket and for socks
Magical Japanese heat pack, Kairo.
For pocket and for socks

Don’t forget to squeeze it several times to stimulate it to produce heat before putting it to pocket.

Body cream, hand cream, lip balm, even men need to use it too

Winter air is dry that may dry out the skin and worsen chopped lips or even scratch the skin. To prevent it, you will need cream and balm as moisture is very essential, especially in winter.

Mush-have items, hand cream and lip balm. Small package easy to bring anywhere
Must-have items, hand cream and lip balm. Small package, easy to bring anywhere

Take Ofuro (bath with warm water)

This is the powerful way to let you relax and of course, let you warm, that is familiar as one of Japanese culture. Ofuro will help you to eliminate tiredness while give you comfort with its warmth, that could neutralize body temperature. Take ofuro before going to bed will let you sleep like a log, let you feel more fit in the morning on the next day to continue travelling.

We hope you will enjoy your winter travel in Japan!