Experience udon making with complete Muslim support!


Nara can be reached less than an hour by train from Kyoto or Osaka, that is almost always crowded with tourist in any season.

Nara is well-known as “the origin of Japan” and “historical city” and has famous sightseeing spot such as Todaiji-temple, the biggest temple in Japan, and Nara park that attract large number of tourists every year.

Todaiji temple
Nara park

Best location nearby Nara station!

Do you have any idea of what kind of experience you can have nearby Nara station?

At Naramachi Mi Tsui located about 10 min walk from Nara station, Muslim traveler can experience how to make udon that is muslim-friendly!

ならまち 美tsui
Naramachi Mi Tsui

Let’s experience making udon!

This time, reporter that is familiar and often come out on Halal Media Japan’s Youtube channel, Afif, got a chance to experience making udon.

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 11.55.29

Udon experience started from kneading wheat flour into noodle.

First, wheat flour is kneaded by using almost all body from hand to feet.

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 11.56.14

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 11.56.45

Then cut the noodle according to thickness we like and boil it about 15 min.


Not only udon but also experience calligraphy until flower arrangement too?!

While waiting for udon boiled, we can experience other like calligraphy and flower arrangement there that make Naramachi Mi Tsui is special!

Store manager, Niwa san, teach us kindly

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 11.58.55

Only one original udon in the world is complete!


Original udon complete less than 1 hour from start.
Muslim traveler who has limited time can feel free to enjoy and challenge it.
Moreover, in experiencing udon, not only having udon but also tempura! Two experiences in one time!

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 12.00.51

Pray space also available!

“スクリーンショット” 2017-11-28 12.00.01

While travel to Nara and experiencing udon experience, Muslim traveler no need to worry for pray as pray space is available completely at Naramachi Mi Tsui, from Qiblat sign, prayer mat, until wudu’ space.

Enjoy meal only? Of course!

No time to participate in udon making experience but want to enjoy udon meal? Naramachi Mi Tsui is a must-visit! Naramachi Mi Tsui also provide udon meal.

Other than udon, here we can enjoy tempura and tenmusu (onigiri with shrimp tempura filling). It seems many of customers coming to the store even for have a meal only.
※Tempura is available for take away too


Going to Nara? Put Naramachi Mi Tsui on your itinerary!

It cost ¥5,000 to have udon experience at Naramachi Mi Tsui. As mentioned above that we can experience some Japanese cultures at the same time here, this price is quite reasonable.

Its best location nearby Nara station give easy access for traveler to have a nice visit there.
Let’s try to make your own original udon at Naramachi Mi Tsui!


Udon experience will be held only between 11:30〜15:00, so please make sure to make reservation at least one day before.

If you want to make a reservation, you can contact them via email!

We have the video!

Those who want to see how Muslim reporter had experience at Naramachi Mi Tsui and his reaction, please take a look on video below!

Naramachi Mi Tsui

33 Minamijodocho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
11:30-15:00 / 18:00-22:00
Every Monday
Please note that It is needed to make a reservation for udon making experience at least on day before and udon experience only could be held in the afternoon(yamapiro.tennen-itsu@ezweb.ne.jp)
Halal Gourmet Japan