Working in Japan

Working abroad is one of precious moment in life, where we can experience living and working in different environment. There, we find so many new things that will widen our point of view as well as the way of thinking.

Japan as one of the most favorite place to visit, is also becoming a target for foreigner to looking for a job. We know Japanese is very according-to-the-rule and has many other social customs that might be different with ours as foreigners. Even so, there are many foreigners, muslims, living and working in Japan. Here we would like to introduce you some important points before and while work in Japan.

Get to work in the rainy morning
Get to work in the rainy morning

Learn the language

Of course, it is one of the essential point to work and live in Japan, even most of Japanese companies require Japanese Proficiency when recruiting foreigners. It’s better if you have at least JLPT N2 on hand before applying for a job. Keigo or honorific expressions is widely used in business situation in Japan, so it will be better if you know keigo as well.

Obtain appropriate visa

There are so many types of visa available and make sure you obtain the appropriate one to avoid illegal stay or illegal work. If the company support your visa, usually you will have “working visa” that allows you to work in the same rule with Japanese (work time etc). But if you have visa such as “study visa” or “family stay visa” (example ; spouse or child of working visa holder), make sure how long you are allowed to work per day or per week. Don’t forget to check visa’s expiry date as visa holders need to apply for visa renewal 3 months before expiry date.

Learn Japanese business customs

In Japanese business custom, you may find that most of Japanese hold name card with both hands when give it to client, or when they send client to the elevator, they will keep bowing until elevator door completely closed, etc, customs that maybe couldn’t be found in other countries. Knowing some of the Japanese business customs means we are one steps ahead.


Let them know and understand about you as a Muslim

Muslim is still minority in Japan, so let them know what you need while working in the office. For example, you need some space for shalat, can’t consume alcohol and pork, etc. Japan is on the way to becoming more Muslim-friendly and some companies will understand Muslim needs. Of course it is nice for us to have solicitude to company, for example, we can split lunch/break time to pray, because companies cannot give Muslim additional break time for pray in order to guarantee equality with Non-Muslim employees.

Get familiar with you colleagues

Most of Japanese is shy, especially toward foreigners, so try talk to them first! Let them know about you, where do you come from, and how is culture in your country. If possible, take some time to go hangout together.

Working abroad, in this case is in Japan, is fun, especially Japan is now becoming more muslim-friendly. Please give those 5 points a try!