The First Halal CoCoICHI Open in Akihabara


CoCoICHIBANYA (or popular with “CoCoICHI”), no. 1 Japanese curry chain store goes Halal and open their first store at Akihabara, start from September 25, 2017.

CoCoICHI was expand their wings abroad, open their very first halal store not anywhere but in Japan, that calling great response.

Japanese Curry Makes Indian People Surprised

Indian people that can be called “home of curry”, got extremely surprised when eat Japanese curry for the first time. It looks different with theirs but they admit that the taste is remarkably delicious.

That’s it! It’s Japanese curry!

Curry gone through India to England, then finally arrived in Japan. As it took long time until its arrival in Japan, Japanese curry got quite different with Indian curry.

Indian Curry
Japanese Curry

The differences are :

① Thickness of the curry sauce

Japanese curry sauce has thickness, which is precisely by contrary with watery Indian curry.

② Chewy rice

Indica rice that often being used in Indian curry is dry, quite different with rice used in Japanese curry that has chewiness.

③ Delicate sweetness

Indian curry has plenty of spices, while Japanese curry has subtle and delicate sweetness that match with taste Japanese people love.

The Enchantment of the Largest Curry Chain Store, “CoCoICHI”


Once we heard that CoCoICHI, a representative of typical Japanese curry goes Halal, we immediately went to interview them.

Halal CoCoICHI is located just a few minutes from Akihabara Station.
Akihabara is well-known as holy land of “electronic” and “otaku” that attract many tourists.
As there is direct bus from airport to Akihabara station, it is pretty easy for tourist to access Akihabara.



Totally Halal-certified


This restaurant is halal-certified, from food and seasoning until kitchen and cooking utensils. It is completely free from alcohol nor pork, so now Muslim can feel secure in enjoying Japanese curry.

You can customize the curry!!

The greatest feature that only CoCoICHI has is, curry customize, where you can customize the curry as you like.

First of all, choose one menu you like from all 9 variants of curry.


Then, you can choose “portion of rice”. “spiciness”, and “topping” you like.

portion of rice

While in interview, we chosen two popular menu “Chicken Katsu Curry” (¥910) and “Seafood Curry” (¥790), with rice 200 grams and spiciness level 2 (level 2 is the most recommended one).

Chicken Katsu Curry
Seafood Curry

For your information, you can choose the spiciness until level 10. We tasted the level 10 curry sauce, it is not just “spicy and hot” but along with pain sensation. No word can explain it rather than “very hot”!

Please do challenge it!

About the taste, no doubt! Delicate sweetness in its thick sauce is so tempting.

Even the curry is served with chicken katsu and plenty of seafoods, it is so reasonable, only about ¥1,000! What a very good deal!

In the middle of enjoying curry, we added cheese topping as recommended by restaurant manager, it was excellently delicious!

The cheese melt in the hot curry sauce, make it much more mild and delish.

Curry with cheese topping, as well as seafood curry, are probably a new thing for Muslim. It is a-must-try with great relish!

If you want to know how was our Muslim reporters reacted when having it for the first time, please take a look to video below.

That’s it, curry customize and large selection of curry menus are the real thrill of CoCoICHI.

Not only dining-in, CoCoICHI serve “take out” menu too! How to bring some for friends and families?

If you come to nearby Akihabara, please have a nice visit to Halal CoCoICHI!


〒101-0023 Uchiomatsunaga Bld.1kai, Kandamatsunagacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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