Certified Indian fully vegetarian restaurant in Shibuya “Milan Nataraj”

Written by Rahmania Radjadi (www.rahmaniaradjadi.com)
Located in Shibuya, this fully vegetarian restaurant was crowded with visitors. Not only Japanese but also multiple races foreigners. I accidentally found this place even though before I was never realize that this restaurant is exists in Shibuya. This restaurant called Milan Nataraj Indian Vegetarian Restaurant.
If you are now living in Japan or currently visiting Japan, maybe you want to visit this restaurant. The restaurant is located in the 3rd floor of Iwamoto building just right on the top of the famous Ichiran ramen in Shibuya.

After throwing some of questions to the restaurant manager to make sure if I can eat in this restaurant, I came to a conclusion that I could eat there. The only animal product they use is milk and they don’t use any alcohol in their food also they don’t use any chemical-artificial ingredients in their menu.

If you are looking to get some curry but don’t want a curry that will make you feel queasy, this is the restaurant for you. All the food is feel so fresh and not will make you queasy.
I will give some warning for you who may have some allergies to nuts. This restaurant use many kind of nuts in their food like almond, cashew, and many more. So if you have allergies to nuts, you may want to ask first if the menu you choose contain nuts or not.

I also want to warn you who may intolerant with gluten, because this restaurant use gluten as one of the ingredient to make fake meat.

I ordered 2 set meal which is Nataraj Curry with nan bread and Pumpkin masala with curcuma rice and also 2 salad.

Nataraj Curry with Nan Bread and Salad

I chose this meal because I saw it as the recommendation from the restaurant. It’s a curry with a vegan meat that made of soy and gluten. The curry is made of onion, tomato, and I think there was a little bit chili in there because I could taste a little kick of spicy there. The curry served with cilantro on top of it. The taste was delicious and I love it the way it is.
The nan bread in this restarant is so big comparing to another halal Indian restaurant that I have been to in Tokyo. Not only large but also your stomach will full after eat the nan bread here.
The salad they serve was also really good. The vegetable is fresh and my favorite with the salad there was the dressing. Because of the restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant, they don’t use dairy products for the salad dressing. They made their own salad dressing which made of grated carrot and freshly squeezed orange juice. The taste was so uniquely fresh that I could still remember how unique and fress it was.
You will get a set of Nataraj Curry with salad and a choice between rice and nan bread with a price of JPY 1580.

Pumpkin Masala and Curcuma Rice

When choosing this menu, I have been warned by the waiter that the pumpkin masala has a sweet taste. He was true about it, after the pumpkin masalah was served at the table, I taste it and it was sweet but delicious. This menus is contain milk, the only animal product they use at the restaurant.
The curcuma rice is okay, nothing wrong with it. The taste of the curcuma rice was pretty standard but still good.
The price to get a set of Pumpkin Masala, salad and a choice between curcuma rice or nan bread was JPY 1580.
Basically, if you chose to eat curry there, you have an option to make it as a set menu with just adding a price of JPY 600 to the curry of your choisce price.
So, if you are in Tokyo, this restaurant is a recommendation to try and this restaurant has several branch in Tokyo which you can find the adress via its website. You can find more information about this restaurant by checking on their website at http://nataraj2.sakura.ne.jp/cafe3/