You can have halal lamb in Shibuya “Shabu-shabu Hitsujinoyu”

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Do you know there is a lamb Shabu shop called “Shabu-shabu Hitsujinoyu”
at Shibuya which is popular area among many tourists?

It is 5 minutes on foot from Shibuya station,
Sign with big arrow written “ココ(Here)” is landmark.
*Same company is running this restaurant as“Gyumon”,so both of them are located near area.
If you have time,I recommend you to check both of them.
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Well,let’s enter the shop,and this time I tried to try the all-you-can-eat course of 4800 yen.
First of all,we got the lamb shabu shabu,one of the most popular menu.
The feature is the volume anyhow,as you can see it is very big.
All of our crew got so surprised.
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When you have it,you can pick one by one from the “lamb tower”.
Since staff teaches you how to have it,you can enjoy it very easily.

There are 2 kinds of sauce for Shabu Shabu “Yuzu and Chili taste”.
Of course it’s also halal,so every muslim come and enjoy Shabu Shabu without any worries.
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Next we tried Lamb meat-balls.It tastes so rich as well.
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As you can see,you make it by yourselves.
If you don’t know how to do it,then you can ask staff.
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Sauce will be used as you like from the same thing as above.
It may be a familiar scene for Japanese people,
however for people from overseas,it might be new.
So you may enjoy one of Japanese culture at the same time.

Finally we got “Soba” in the final closing.
I felt it was the best menu on that day.
All of our members completely addicted to it.

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Soba with lamb shabu shabu soup is an interesting combination.
It may be difficult to imagine,but once you eat it,there is no doubt that it will be addictive.
When you come to Shibuya,Hope you come and try everything here.

If you want to know more about it,please check our video!

Shabu-shabu Hitsujinoyu

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