Prayer Room in Sakae Shopping District, Nagoya

Writer: Dwinda Nafisah

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Looking for a place for shopping in Nagoya? Visit Sakae!
This Nagoya’s downtown district offers you the futuristic Oasis 21 open-space building, the glowing Nagoya TV Tower at night, and tons of various fashion shops and cafes. In the underground, you also will find more shops! It can be a shopper’s dream in Chubu area (Central Japan). Shopping in Sakae can be fun, however, don’t forget to worship the God during your shopping time!

In Sakae, you can find a prayer room in Maruei Departmen Store, one of the biggest department store in Nagoya. It can be reach by 10 minutes walk from Nagoya TV Tower.
The prayer room in the department store is located on the 7th floor inside the LAOX Store. LAOX itself is a duty free shop which has a wide variety of goods, from home appliance for overseas use to craftworks. The prayer room is fit for 3 persons and equipped with air conditioner. There is a restroom next to the prayer room, so can do the wudhu (ablution) in the toilet using the sandals provided in the prayer room. Don’t forget to wipe the water drops and keep the toilet clean since it is a public facility not only for Muslim but also for everybody! Prayer mat and prayer clothes are also available in the room, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to bring your prayer clothes. The direction for the prayer room in written on the wall in LAOX, however, if you are not sure to understand the picture, you can ask the friendly LAOX staff to show you the prayer room.

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LAOX Duty Free Store

Maruei Departement Store 7F, 3-3-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

Nearest Station
Subway Higashiyama Line, Sakae Station (5 minutes walk)
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