Kit Kat Chocolatory
Kit Kat Chocolatory

       One of the questions most frequently received by Halal Media Japan is “is Kit Kat sold in Japan Halal?” Unfortunately, Kit Kat sold in Japan has not yet obtained Halal certification. Manufacturer Nestle is developing Halal products on a global scale, but there is no way to determine whether their Japanese products are Halal other than by looking at the ingredient list.


       Kit Kat is very popular in Japan and is available in a variety of limited edition flavors such as maccha (green tea), cherry, apple, white, chili, and wasabi which can only be purchased in certain areas. There are also novelty flavors created by a famous pastry chef, and “Choco Lab”, which allows consumers to design their own wrapping paper and packaging boxes. New products are also launched to match the four seasons of Japan, so many tourists visiting Japan like to take home a Japan Original Kit Kat as a souvenir.


       A specialty Kit Kat store, which fun to look at even without buying any souvenirs, has opened in Tokyo. “Kit Kat Chocolatory” is the first specialty store for Kit Kat, which is sold in over 70 countries and regions worldwide. The store is in an easy-to-understand location – the first basement floor of Seibu Ikebukuro, adjacent to Ikebukuro Station. So why not have a look if you’re staying in Tokyo?