Modest Fashion Series ①〜Modest Fashion in the World〜

Followed by last year, TOKYO MODEST FASHION SHOW will be held in November, 2017. By the way, as seen on the title, how is “MODEST FASHION” like in the first place? What is “MODEST FASHION”?

What does “Modest” imply?

The word “Modest” has its root in the word “mode”, which is nuanced as standard. Based on this nuance, it is delivered with meaning of appropriate “humble, moderate, simple” in this age.

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Thus, “modest” fashion refers to the fashion style in which exposing and disclosing body lines are intentionally avoided.

In Islam, it is advocated that woman basically cover her body except her face and hands, for man above from knees to belly button.

For these reasons, everybody including Muslim are able to express their fashion to be modest, and this is paid much attention from the world.

Modest Fashion Show

Recently, in various parts of the globe, a number of Modest Fashion Shows are organized and attracting people’s eye on fresh modest fashion, no matter what religion they belong to.

At Japan’s first modest fashion show, TOKYO MODEST FASHION SHOW, 10 brands from Malaysia, Singapore, Japan are involved in the fashion show parade. As a whole, audience might feel simpleness in the show since monotone outfits were highlighted during the show.


Here is LONDON MODEST FASHION WEEK in February. You may see not only Muslim but also Non-Muslim on the catwalk showing their modest fashion. In the U.K., modest fashion is conceived as high-fashion and associated with trendy fashion for now.


ASIA ISLAMIC FASHION WEEK opened in March witnessed modest outfits from brands mainly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. Design was widely ranged from simple clothes to vivid, colorful ones. Various patterns were emphasized as well. In addition to them, modest fashion for man was lighted up at the same time.


Thus, Modest fashion is expressed and entertained in individuals no matter what their religion or gender is.

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