“Living in Japan is expensive!” they said

Written by Rahmania Radjadi(http://www.rahmaniaradjadi.com)

This article is part of the “What is it Like For a Muslim to Live in Japan” series. Previously in Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, I wrote about prayer, mosque, Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak, Eid ul Adha, animal sacrifice, education for muslim children, and housing or renting for living. In expectation that the series will help Muslim people who are willing to move to Japan in the matter of work and study.

“Most expensive cities in the world”…is it true?

Japan is one of the top destination for people around the world to experience life. Many tourists come to see how unique and interesting Japan is. Not only the culture of Japan that makes people around the world wants to see but also the number of top companies which leads global markets in certain industries, that is the reasons why people also comes to Japan for work and career.

photo:night sight of Odaiba and Rainbow Bridge
I love the night view of the rainbow bridge in Odaiba.

Based on The Huffington Post* iving in Japan is more expensive than living in United States and the cost of living in Japan is probably the same with living in Canada. Also based on The Telegraph**, 3 of big Japanese cities are included in top 10 ranked of most expensive cities in the world for living, with Tokyo sits in rank number 1. Is it true?

No different with living in another country

My husband has been living in Japan since 1995 and my father in law has been living Japan since 1992. I often hear them saying “living Tokyo is pretty much affordable from the past 10 years and price increasing is not too perceived”. I also hear from one of a foreigner YouTuber*** who has been living in Japan for 7 years said that living in Tokyo can be as much as expensive as you want, which means if you manage your lifestyle to be fit with your financial condition it also can be as cheap as you want.

Well, living in Japan practically no different with living in another country, we as human have the basic same needs. We needs dwelling, certain lifestyle (food, entertainment, and clothes), and education for our kids. Two things that makes each country cost of living became different is the economic growth globally and on it’s own country. Based on a New York Times article**** Japan currently has a strong economic growth comparing to the last two decades which Japan had been experiencing a lackluster growth of economy which it has averaged less than one percent (it explains why my father in laws says that prices increasing is not perceived).

photo:Yagura, at the night festival of Hibiya Park
This was when the summer festival held in Hibiya park.

As expensive as you want and as cheap as you want

Why is this related with how is it like to live as a Muslim in Japan? Well, actually it can relate to all people, not only Muslims. I also believe that every individual have different needs, even in a family every members have different needs. What I want to underline here in this article is that statements like “living in Japan is so expensive” or “Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world” is not always be true. Like I mentioned earlier, you can living in Japan as expensive as you want and as cheap as you want (which of course it applies in other country too).

photo: people dancing at the night festival of Hibiya Park
This was also summer festival in Hibiya park, one of an enjoyable night during the summer in Tokyo.

We always have the rights to manage our expenses. Remember, The more high demanding lifestyle you want, the more expenses you have. You can manage expenses by choosing your priority needs, it help you to manage your financial situation. You know, we sometimes end up buying things that we don’t really need or use when we don’t manage priorities.

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